For Action

For Organisations

For Organisations

There are a variety of materials available to organisations that can inspire and support positive action for older workers. The AWR is developing additional resources as part of the pilot and will share them here as they become available.

Using Organisational Data

An ageing workforce ready organisation uses data strategically to understand employee demographics, gain insights into the needs of older workers, monitor the implementation of initiatives, and guide interventions. Below are three resources to support organisations to identify useful metrics and design a “dashboard” report template.

Create the Business Case for your workplace

AWR project has created videos, infographics and white papers that build the case for employing and supporting older workers. This isn’t just the business case for the project, but ideas and arguments you can use to persuade leaders in your workplace. To visit the AWR Business Case click here.

Factsheets, Worksheets & Conversation Guides

Deep dives into various topics are facilitated with our factsheets, worksheets and conversation guides. These are available below on topics ranging from Late Career to Finances to Multigenerational Workforces.

Policy Templates

Age-inclusive policies that specifically address the needs of older workers are an important part of providing support to older workers. Of course, these policies need to be effectively implemented, with managers and employees actively encouraged to adopt and comply with the policies. Below are templates for four policy areas along with a management guide for each and an implementation guide.

Menopause Information Pack for Organizations (MIPO)

Menopause Information Pack for Organizations (MIPO) is a research-based, free, open access suite of resources to help workplaces support menopausal transition. Click here for more information.


Workability is an approach to assessing an employee’s functional capacity and the extent to which it matches the competencies and the demands of their work and work environment. The Work Ability Index (WAI) originated in Finland (Toumi et al, 1995) and is a self-assessment tool. The tool can be found here, with research report here that contains administration guidance on pages 34-39.

Experience+ – Make Age an Advantage

This guide is for owners and operators of small to medium-sized businesses and staff from businesses of any size who are responsible for developing and implementing human resource policies and practices. To view the guide click here.

DESE Mature Age Hub

Department of Education, Skills and Employment has information for employers and employees about subsidies, incentives, training, and assistance. DESE also coordinates a collaborative partnership on mature age employment. To visit the hub click here.

AHRC Older Workers Resource Hub

Australian Human Rights Commission has recently launched several resources aimed to support older workers and employers. These include training modules for employers and employees, and several downloadable pdfs. To visit the hub click here.