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AWR Information

Often organisations realise that more needs to be done to support their older workers, or to respond to the reality of an ageing population, but don’t know where to start. These resources provide further context and guidance to organisations that want to respond proactively to improve the wellbeing and performance of older workers.


This video summarises the scope and approach of the AWR project itself.

This video is a great introduction to the opportunities and risks an ageing population creates for employers. If you want to build a business case for ‘ageing workforce ready’ initiatives in your business, then this video along with our white paper “The Age Difference” are good places to start.

This video explains why discrimination based on age is no longer acceptable.

This video describes work-related factors and how get to the root causes of workplace stress. By tackling the problems that create workplace issues we can better protect and promote employee mental health and wellbeing.

This longer video delves deeper into late career and retirement with some practical suggestions for people at this stage of their career.