Podcast Suggestions

Podcast Suggestions


Below is a list of helpful podcast shows and episodes that explore retirement.



Mind Your Own Retirement: Your Life Choices

– Australian podcast

– Lots of different episode topics

– Short episodes (10 to 30mins)


The Retirement Wisdom Podcast

– American podcast

– More focussed on non-financial aspects of retirement

– Lots of interviews with authors/experts


Desire to Retire Podcast

– Hosted by retirement coach Estelle Kelly

– Short episodes focussing on the non-financial aspects of retirement planning


The New School of Super

– Financial/super information in the Australian context

– More focus on the financial aspects of retirement


Don’t retire, refire podcast

– Australian based

– Focus on inspirational ideas/stories about retirement


Chapter X podcast

– Podcast about lots of aspects of retirement



Brene Brown Dare to Lead: Courage in the Midst of Change

– Great podcast on navigating change


Sara Yogev on Rock your retirement

– All about how couples can navigate a retirement transition well


Ida Abbott on Chapter X podcast

– Practical non-financial retirement planning conversation


Summary of The 100-Year Life by Lynda Gratton and Andrew Scott

– Summary of the book 100-year life


Retire eyes wide open episode 15 – The psychology of retirement

– Interview with professor Kenneth Shultz on the psychology of retirement

– Interview starts at around the 18minute mark


Nancy Schlossberg on retirement and transitions

– Nancy is an expert on transitions and change who has written a book about retirement



Marriage Minute – small emails to improve relationships

– Brief emails from the Gottman Institute (world leaders in relationships) to help you improve your relationships