For love and money

Love makes the world go around, but in retirement, money will definitely grease the wheels. Figures suggest that about half of Australian households (47%) are not likely to have enough money for a comfortable retirement.  

But many people are like ostriches, and they bury their heads in the sand about money. There are all sorts of excuses not to sort out retirement savings: “I’m too busy”, “I won’t have a lot of money so there’s no point in trying”, “I’m young so retirement is forever away”, “it’s too hard”, or “I’m planning on winning the lottery”!

Any time is a good time to get sorted, and the earlier the better.  

If you’re not confident you’re on the right path to a financially comfortable retirement, consider getting professional advice. You might find it helpful to:

If you could talk to your 40-year-old self – what advice would you give about planning for your retirement? 

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